Full Day Snorkeling


Experience breathtaking beauty of Omani natural splendor plenty of pristine beaches with the best dive sites to explore on your vacation.


Snorkeling trip Oman opens windows to enthralling fishing and snorkeling experience. The underwater world treats us to abundant hard and soft coral gardens which are home to many fish like the colorful parrot fish and wrasses,
Striped sergeant fish, friendly encounters with small clown fish and frequently you can get the thrill of seeing rays and cuttlefish. Snorkeling in Oman is one of the best activities you can undertake.
Duration :8 Hours

  • Duration 8 hrs
  • Tour By Boat
  • Lunch ,Water & Soft Drinks

Half Day – Dolphin Watching Tour

Antique Travel Tour giving you warm cheerful Welcome to make your boat trip come true with watching dolphins. One of the most memorable activities you will take part in while visiting Oman with us. Come and see dolphins and experience a thrill of a life time. The waters around Oman are filled with extensive marine life and one of the most familiar sights is the dolphins.
Seen all around the year , dolphins make for exciting watching as they swim around and under fishing craft in search of tuna, mackerel and sardines. Dolphin can be found any distance from offshore. There is no single location which you are most likely to see cetaceans. While we are very successful in sighting dolphins.
Duration :2 Hours

  • Duration 2 hrs
  • Tour By Boat
  • Water & Soft Drinks

Half Day – Fishing

A Half-day with Fishing at the Salalah…

The sparkling waters of Oman’s coast belong to one of the most highly fruitful aquatic environments in the realm and offer both novice and experienced game fishing fanatics a variety of excellent year-round game fishing opportunities. We know all the best places and have all the right equipment to make your fishing trip Oman an extraordinary experience.
Explore the beauty of rich and vast marine line around the waters of Oman in a treasured holiday fishing trip in Oman. Fishing is an activity of trying to catch fish. In Oman tourism Coastline is famous for its highly productive marine in the world Our speed boat takes you to the main area where you can enjoy and do the fishing. This fabulous tour will surely be one of the highlights of your memorable vacation.
Duration :4 Hours

  • Duration 4 hrs
  • Tour By Boat
  • Lunch ,Water & Soft Drinks

Info: Tour start from the Marina at Raysut or Marina Beach at Taqah